Let me introduce myself through my works on this website.

Creating tattoo designs come from being charged with a tattoo idea claimed by my daughter. She asked me to make her first tattoo design and after a few changes her tattoo now reflects our special relation and trust. As I did with my own daughter I would like to be personally involved with each customer and their design dream; it’s my priority to make sure everyone’s design is perfect. I hope you will allow Krafika Tattoo Designs the opportunity to help you bring your abstract tattoo design idea to life.


Before contacting a tattoo designer you should have some sort of an idea in mind actually what kind of tattoo you want. You don’t need to have a solid picture of the exact design but you do want to have some inspiration that the designer can work with. If you find photos that have inspired your idea to show them even better. Anyway tattoo trends change every decade although you should not follow a fad. If you choose a design that resonates with you and not just something that’s popular in the moment you’re much more likely to love your ink in the future just as much as the day you get it. Go with a design that’s not a tattoo cliché if you can help it because the more proud you are of your body art the less likely you are to want to have your tattoo removed or covered up down the road. Asking friends and acquaintances who have good tattoos is another great way to find your quality tattoo design.

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