This is tricky one because it depends on the tattoo artist you choose. Most have no problem whatsoever with clients bringing in a design provided it is not a copy of another artist’s work. When you book with your chosen tattoo artist simply mention that you have a design already that you want done and ask whether or not they are okay with that. As long as you specify the circumstances of how you got that drawing and that you’re not stealing someone else’s work they are likely to have no issue with it.

These are just some of the questions you want to consider before going ahead with a tattoo appointment both for your own satisfaction and to help out the tattoo artist. If you come in without any idea of what you want and simply say “I want a tattoo but I don’t know what” you are likely going to be told to come back when you do know or to choose from Krafika Tattoo Designs work if you like the abstract look.

Getting an abstract tattoo is an exciting experience but because of the permanency of the art it is something you want to feel confident about going in to be sure that you are happy with your ink for the long haul.

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